The Staggering Truth: How To Get Ridiculous Results From Your
Videos Using Smarter Syndication Software.

You know that you could do a better job getting your videos in front of your prospects.

The problem has been that there wasn’t a reliable tool to help you speed up the frustrating process of distributing your videos to the locations you need to put them.

In a perfect world, I’d be able to give you a shiny, chromed out robot that would do all of the work and you would simply watch as a ridiculous amount of traffic flooded your website.

Sadly, this isn’t a perfect world…

We all love the idea of automation, but we don’t want to lose out on what’s important: Results.

Is it possible to have a robot that doesn’t transform our content into unreadable garbage? I haven’t found any in 8 years online…

Nobody has developed a robot smart enough to speak English.

The other obvious problem is that robots break. They break A LOT…

To keep a robot working requires a team of programmers that do nothing other than keep the software functional for users.

That’s why the robots on the market today cost anywhere from $97 to $247 PER MONTH!

You can’t fault the people that create these robots. They have no choice but to charge ridiculous amounts of money to their customers. If they didn’t, the tools would stop working a few weeks later…

Sites that allow content submissions (video, articles, images, etc…) don’t want robots to be able to post on your behalf.

As soon as they allow that, the quality of the content they get drops dramatically.

So what’s the solution?

The secret to saving time is to find the happy medium between robotic speed and human powered content distribution.

That’s exactly what you get with Video Marketer.

  • Over 200 video sharing sites are built in for you to use to get more traffic to your websites.
  • 90+ podcast directories to help you get more attention to your content.
  • PDF submission, social bookmarking, and RSS submission to build links to your videos and podcasts.
  • Video Marketer is built in Adobe Air, so it works on Macs or PCs.
  • Research tools that help you analyze the competition and outperform them (Exclusive to Video Marketer).
  • “Linked Spinning” built in to get you better results from every video (Exclusive to Video Marketer).

My name is Ross Goldberg, I’ve been earning a living online for the last 8 years

I’m a #1 best-selling author, former VP of Marketing at StomperNet, and a pro when it comes to getting traffic.

One of the easiest ways you can get traffic today is through video marketing. Video allows you to show people how to use the products you sell while giving them the opportunity to get to know you.

Yet, most of the people using video marketing are only giving it 10% or less.

We all know that YouTube is the king of video on the web, but there is far more you can do to reach more of your audience.

Here are facts about some of the “other” video sites:
  • is the 72nd most popular site in the U.S. They get 10 million visitors per month.
  • is the 123rd most popular site in the U.S. They get 3 to 4 million visitors per month.
  • is the 172nd most popular site in the U.S. They get 10 million visitors per month.
  • Metacafe is the 1,461st most popular site in the U.S. They get 3 to 4 million visitors per month.

How many of those visitors would be interested in what you have to say?

You’ll never know, unless you start syndicating your videos to these sites and many others inside of Video Marketer…

Over the last 8 years, I’ve learned one important thing about the internet:

YouTube is a search engine. Slideshare is a search engine. Vimeo is a search engine.

If your content isn’t there, your prospects can’t find it.

You may not have ever heard of me before. Here are some reasons to listen and follow my guidance:

Of course, the well known things make a difference: Likes, Social Signals, Comments, Backlinks…

It’s the things that aren’t well known that are the deal breakers.

It’s also how I got 118,000 views by accident.

Here it is: Make your videos useful and try not to post blatant commercials.

If viewers are watching your video all the way to the end, that’s a gigantic indication of how helpful your video is.

If your video helps your prospects, it will be spread around the internet by real people.

Once you have a video that is valuable to your prospects, then you have to make sure you put it in every possible location. Make it easier for them to find.

Video Marketer will help you do exactly that.

Below you’ll find details about the 3 packages you can get to begin getting better results from your videos:

Video Marketer Packages
Basic Edition
Pro Edition
Ninja Edition

Video Marketer Basic Edition

Video Marketer Pro Edition

Video Marketer Ninja Edition

Video Marketer Basic Edition:

Order the basic package today to receive a single user license of Video Marketer.

You’ll receive everything listed below:

  • Over 200 Video sites to submit your videos to.
  • Over 90 Podcast sites to submit podcasts to.
  • Over 15 PDF sites for building links to your videos and podcasts.
  • Over 80 Social Bookmarking sites to build more links and social signals to your videos and podcasts.
  • Over 30 RSS sites to syndicate your video channels and podcasts.
  • Exclusive “Linked Spinning” ability that allows you to get more traffic from each video.
  • Exclusive “Commenting Engine” will get you more attention, more views, and more traffic.
  • Semi-automated submission process that can’t be blocked.
  • Software that can’t be “broken”. It’s not a robot, so it will always work for you.
You’ll gain access to our customers only Facebook group for ongoing assistance with your marketing and traffic generation efforts.

Our Client Assistance vow is to solve any issues you face within 1 hour. On average we’re 93% successful. Here are statistics from our help desk:

Video Marketer Pro Edition:

In addition to everything in the basic edition, you’ll also receive:

A 5 license version of Video Marketer

Easy Video Sitemap software - $47 Value:

What if you could rank in the video search with your own websites? You can and this software manages and creates your sitemaps for you. You can create an unlimited amount of sitemaps.

Why does this matter?

It allows you to completely control the page visitors will land on. Post ads, buy buttons, or whatever else you want on the page and get far improved results over a customer that lands on video sharing sites.

YouTube and other similar sites want to keep their traffic. They don’t like it when you take it away. Control it from the start by having your website show up in the video search and keep your traffic where it belongs: On your website.

Video landing page templates are included to make it easy for you to create video pages that get you increased results.

This video will show you exactly how the software will get your sites listed in Google’s Video Search:

Video Marketer Ninja Edition:

In addition to everything included in the Basic and Pro editions, you’ll receive:

Video Cash Machine version 2.0: In this hour long video you'll get the exact strategies used to create the "most watched internet marketing video" on YouTube. Plus, video strategies for affiliate marketers - $37 Value

Video Cash Machine Version 3.0: Tired of producing boring videos that don't produce results? This video goes over every step you need to take to solve that problem. Create stunning videos with simple gear and inexpensive video footage you can get for free or cheap. - $37 Value

Content Marketer Multi User Edition: This is the “full featured” version of Video Marketer which adds the ability to do article marketing, press release marketing, social network profile creation and much more. You'll receive 5 licenses to the software.

Exclusive Bonus!

All customers will find $100 worth of media goodies you can use to make your videos more professional and get improved results with every single one.

Download the software. Get your videos out there. If at any time you feel this software doesn't perform exactly as promised on this page, contact me and I'll give you DOUBLE your money back.

More importantly, if you aren't getting measurable results I will personally help you adjust your video strategy to increase your results via our facebook group.

Video Marketer is available for a very limited time at special launch pricing.

In a few days the price will be increasing, so get your copy now and save!

Choose from the 3 options below and you'll get access to your account delivered by email. All of the options below are a one-time payment:

Basic Edition
Pro Edition
Ninja Edition

Video Marketer Basic Edition

Video Marketer Pro Edition

Video Marketer Ninja Edition

Think about how much any other video syndication tool would cost you. Any of the 3 packages available for Video Marketer are one-time payments, not monthly like the others.

Get your hands on this software now and start getting results!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Your spinner doesn't appear to be very automated. If we already have something like The Best Spinner or Spin Rewriter, can we use that instead?

Answer: Absolutely. Just copy their code into the software and it will recognize it without any issues.

Question: What about updates? Will you update the software if it stops working or things change?

Answer: Of course. The original version of this software has been out for 5 years and has been updated quite a few times. Anytime we update the software, you will receive the update at no cost to you.

Question: How many websites can I use with the software and what does each "license" give me.

Answer: You can have an unlimited number of personas and campaigns. Each "license" is for a single installation on your computer. 1 license = 1 installation.

Question: What kind of computer does this work on?

Answer: The software is made in Adobe Air. It will work on a Mac or a PC.

Question: Does the software automatically create accounts for me?

Answer: The software is not automated. It's semi-automated and human powered. It speeds up the process of creating accounts, but you will have to do it.

Question: Will the software work outside of English speaking countries?

Answer: Yes. While it is designed for English speaking countries, we've made it very easy for you to add and delete sites. All you have to do is copy a list of URLs that you'd like to submit your videos to and add them into the software.

Basic Edition
Pro Edition
Ninja Edition

Video Marketer Basic Edition

Video Marketer Pro Edition

Video Marketer Ninja Edition